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This module contains the main Parser class. This class is the one parsing the given files, and replacing the values by the new ones.

import os
import re
from auto_version.utils import import_style, detect_vcs, logger

[docs]class BasicParser: """ This Class is a basic parser. It takes a list of files in argument, and the format of the versioning system, and performs the replacement. Expected instanciation arguments are: * files: an array of pathnames * current_version: a string containing the current version of the versionned project. * style: string to the auto_version.styles module class to use. * action *optionnal*: a string or number representing the action to perform. """ def get_style_class_from_str(self, style): return import_style(style) def __init__(self, conf): self.conf = conf logger.debug("parser: self.conf=" + str(self.conf)) if("files" in self.conf): if(type(self.conf["files"]) is list or type(self.conf["files"]) is tuple): for f in self.conf["files"]: if(not os.path.exists(f)): raise IOError("Could not access file %s. Please check path and/or your rights ont that file." % f) elif(os.path.isdir(f)): raise NotImplementedError("%s is a directory!" % f) self.conf["files"] = list(self.conf["files"]) elif(type(self.conf["files"]) is str or type(self.conf["files"]) is unicode): f = self.conf["files"] if(os.path.isdir(f)): raise NotImplementedError("%s is a directory!" % f) elif(not os.path.exists(f)): raise IOError("Could not access file %s. Please check path and/or your rights ont that file." % f) self.conf["files"] = [f, ] else: raise RuntimeError("Could not determine type of given data") else: raise ValueError("You have not given any file to parse!") if("style" not in self.conf): raise ValueError("No style given") if("current_version" in self.conf): if(type(self.conf["current_version"]) is not str and type(self.conf["current_version"]) is not unicode): raise RuntimeError("current_version is not a string!") else: raise ValueError("Could not find current version. This may lead to serious things. I would personnaly prefere that you use a correct self.configuration file.") # TODO: Create a function search for the style pattern in the files.
[docs] def perform(self): """ Performs the actual value replacement, according to the given parameters. .. attention:: This may be quite long on large files! """ self.vcs = detect_vcs()() style = self.get_style_class_from_str(self.conf["style"]) = style["current_version"]) if(self.conf["current_version"] == ""): self.conf["current_version"] = self.vcs.get_current_version(with_status=True, increment=False)"vcs version = " + self.conf["current_version"]) if(self.conf["action"] == "update"): if(self.vcs is not None): new_version = self.vcs.get_current_version(with_status=True) # FIXME else: raise NotImplementedError("It seems you are trying to do some versioning sync with a non-supported versioning system (Are you really using one on this project?) Please feel free to send an issue at !") else: try: style_instance = style(self.conf["current_version"]) new_version = style_instance.increment(self.conf["action"]) except:"Style instance reported error trying to process version number. Trying with SCM info") new_version = self.vcs.get_current_version(with_status=False, increment=False) style_instance = style(new_version) new_version = style_instance.increment(self.conf["action"])"old version:" + self.conf["current_version"] + " new version: " + new_version) for f in self.conf["files"]: data = "" with open(f, 'r') as fd: data = for m in re.finditer(self.conf["current_version"], data): data = data.replace(self.conf["current_version"], new_version) with open(f, 'w+') as fd: fd.write(data) if(self.vcs and self.conf["commit"] and self.conf["action"] != "update"):"setting new version %s to SCM" % new_version) self.vcs.set_version(files=self.conf["files"], version=new_version, prefix=self.conf["scm_prefix"]) return new_version

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